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Written by Jaimie McIntosh

Secondhand September, a movement started by Oxfam, challenges people to reduce and change their spending habits for one month. With a real focus towards either buying second hand or not buying at all, Secondhand September is a great starting point for those who want to reduce their consumption and avoid fast-fashion. 

I challenged myself to join this movement this month in an attempt to slow and break my spending habits with particular focus on clothing. Lockdown has made me realise how easily satisfied I am when buying clothes - especially from Urban Outfitters. I received huge satisfaction by the compliments that accompanied the use of a new item of clothing. At least once a day I was on the app, searching and searching for more clothes to buy to ‘complete’ my apparently incomplete summer wardrobe - a lifestyle that was unethical and unnecessary. 

With the launch of ETHOS, I am now constantly aware of everything I do and how I can further reduce my impact and therefore Secondhand September was perfect for me. Throughout the month, I felt my urge to buy clothes diminish whilst becoming more content with my current wardrobe. I had moments where I thought “oh I will just amazon prime this - get it tomorrow,” but each time stopped myself and looked on DEPOP to purchase the same item, second hand. 

Growing up and living in a culture where fashion is fast and accessible, outfits that are worn more than once are often frowned upon and judged. With this in mind, I really focused not only on buying second hand but also not being afraid to wear a pair of flares 3 times a week instead of once. My need to go back to uni with a new wardrobe and updated style has gone, instead my focus has shifted into researching clothing brands with a sustainable focus and other ways in which I can keep challenging myself to do better - be better.

For more information on Oxfam Second Hand September click here:

To join me on my next challenge, Project333, follow @discoverethos on Instagram.

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