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Updated: Oct 5, 2020


(noun.) The breeze along the Mediterranean Sea. Zephyr is often associated with nature.

Durham University student Natalie is the creator of a new and exciting upcoming jewellery brand, Zephyrjewellery. Studying music at Durham but originally from York, Natalie enjoys anything musical specialising in oratorio and opera singing.

In more recent months, Natalie has spent her time focusing on her new small business, Zephyrjewellery. Zephyrjewellery sells unique handmade sustainable pieces of jewellery inspired by the nature surrounding her. From a young age, Natalie remembers spending hours on end, beach-combing all around the coasts in Yorkshire and Norfolk. Upon finding a pretty smooth stone or a gazillion shell, Natalie would promptly give it to her mother who then had pockets full by the end of the day. Many of Natalie's friends often claimed she was obsessed with jewellery and with Natalie being inherently creative, she decided to combine both loves into one: Zephyrjewellery.

As well as being individually made and handpicked locally, Natalie strives for the business to be as sustainable as possible. Each package arrives in recyclable packaging with the jewellery itself in reusable organza bags - making storing jewellery super easy for customers! Further to this, Natalie offers an extra personal touch by allowing customers to use their own beach findings when making jewellery; promoting the idea that beauty can come from anywhere, and being sustainable is often easier than thought! Whilst not affiliated with any charity currently, Natalie hopes to be running the London marathon next year, with 25% of the profits made by Zephyrjewellery going to her chosen charity. As Zephyrjewellery grows, so does its ability to be more sustainable and unique.

Natalie takes huge pride in her work and receives so much joy in return upon seeing her pieces featured in her customer’s Instagrams. With the launch of her sea glass collection coming up, ETHOS has paired up with Zephyrjewellery to host a mini giveaway so keep an eye out on future posts for more information.

Natalie hopes to continue the growth of Zephyrjewellery, with some beautiful designs already in the making. With a continued emphasis on sustainability, Natalie enjoys customers showing off their unique pieces with the knowledge that they have brought from a sustainable local brand.

Check out more of her pieces here.

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