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Pure Panda Collective

Pure Panda Collective: Homeware designed to make you feel good about the environment and your mental wellbeing.

After relocating to the Swiss Mountains for some time, the mother-daughter duo, Fiona and Sophie realised that their previous life was unsustainable and unmanageable. The change in pace allowed them to see past the stressful life they once lived, and instead discovered the calmness and clarity found amongst the mountains.

With an International Business Degree from Oxford Brookes, Sophie (left) quickly learnt how many big organisations act unsustainably prompting the idea of creating a platform that provides a voice about the mental and environmental benefits of a waste free lifestyle.

After pursuing a career in Alpine Hotel Management, Fiona (right) began to recognise the scale of waste created by so many companies and the detrimental effects on the environment.

Then during the first lockdown, Sophie and Fiona noticed a gap in the market when buying sustainable homeware online without the risk of having to buy from unknown sellers or big brands. Coming from a previously unsustainable home, they both thought this was a brilliant opportunity to create a sustainable e-commerce site. Panda Collective was born.

Pure Panda Collective is an online space that creates a community for like-minded eco-conscious people and provides an opportunity for people to come and buy sustainable homeware and dinnerware, without leaving the comfort of their home. The community aspect of the page encourages people to share and learn their journeys to a sustainable lifestyle. Fiona and Sophie both want to break the ideal that being sustainable means you have to be perfect, but instead want to encourage small gradual changes and educate how a small change can go a long way. Further to this, Sophie wants to spread awareness for those with health anxiety that living a more natural toxin-free lifestyle has enormous health benefits and can often completely transform how you feel.

Made from bamboo, wheat fibre or rice husk, Pure Panda provides long-lasting and reusable items. The aim: transforming people’s homes into sustainable living spaces. Being official partners with One Tree Planted and a newly founded eco alliance from, Pure Panda’s entire packaging is eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable. With every order made, One Tree promises to plant a tree. Pure Panda focuses on the physical and an individual’s mental well-being and prides itself on being toxic-free. With previous experience with health anxiety and the detrimental effects on a person, Fiona and Sophie hope that their products can help others transition to sustainable toxin-free living. Furthermore, Pure Panda aims to educate others about the health benefits of living a toxic-free lifestyle.

Whilst there are similar brands out there; Pure Panda wants their designs to be organic, durable and timeless. They want people to choose their product over anyone else’s. That is why, for them, having an online community and space is so important. Their website will not only be a shop but a place for interaction, allowing people to buy and learn. With the website launch in February, Pure Panda is so excited to share their beautiful products designed to reinvigorate your home.

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