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Mind Your Head

Mind Your head: look after your hair and your mind.

A recent graduate from Newcastle University, Lauren is the brain and talent behind the brand, Mind Your Head. Established in January 2020, Mind Your Head sells a range of hair and head accessories such as scrunchies, headbands, bandanas and much more!

Mind Your Head uses preloved materials and fabric remnants such as second-hand clothing found on eBay, charity shops or donated by friends. Lauren’s love for sewing and upcycling clothing came from her mum, who used to transform old jeans into denim skirts. On one occasion, Lauren’s mum made a denim headband and a silk scrunchie from some used clothing. Lauren wore these items all the time, and over the years, her hair accessories collection grew and grew. When Lauren was accepted into a charity psychology programme in Bali, making and selling hair accessories seemed the perfect way to raise funding.

With her experience GCSE and A-Levels textiles, Mind Your Head was born – a conscious brand designed for your hair, your health and the planet. Mind Your Head tries it’s best to be sustainable and as we all know, being 1% eco-conscious is 10 times better than nothing at all. All elastics used in the scrunchies and bands are locally sourced, reducing the footprint and supporting small independent businesses. All threads bought are partly used – further reducing waste. Mind Your Head also uses minimal packaging, and any left-over scraps are currently donated to Bigger The Hoop ‘Reworked’ edition.

Mind Your Head is responsible for raising awareness and money for mental health charities with over £850 donated to Young Minds, BEAT, Black Minds Matter, Bipolar UK and PTSD. Moving into the New Year, Lauren’s chosen campaign is dealing with the battle for loneliness.

As Lauren reflects on her favourite moments as a creator, she can’t narrow it done to having only one. Her best moments that highlight 2020 are the responses from people discovering her brand and her story. The hard work and pride placed into her work are recognised, and Lauren loves it when a customer takes the time to compliment her. With 2021 just beginning, Lauren is excited to release a new range of products and see where her first set of brand ambassadors will take her.

Lauren's love for clinical psychology and textiles makes Mind Your Head the perfect choice if looking for a brand with a good cause at the centre of what they do. Stylish hair accessories have never felt so good.

To shop Mind Your Head, click here:

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