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Luna + Pearl

Luna + Pearl: Bespoke pearl jewellery, celebrating the natural wonders of Mother Earth.

Growing up in South Africa, Luna has always had an appreciation for the intricate pieces of jewellery sold on the side of the road and the careful craftsmanship put into each piece. However, Luna was not the most careful child, and often found her jewellery catching and breaking, and would then try to make her own pieces from the jewellery. Upon reflection, this is where Luna admits her love for jewellery making came. Now in 2020, Luna has begun officially selling her pieces of jewellery across the country selling by commission, but also recently setting up her own Etsy shop. Luna designs and makes small pieces of pearl jewellery using high quality antique pearls.

Luna focuses her jewellery on pearl in particular as she wants her brand to be associated with celebrating and protecting natures, with pearls being symbolic of that. Pearls are the most natural gemstone as it requires no human intervention to make beautiful, just nature. Currently Luna is using a set of pearls that comes from the private collection of late Italian jeweller, Natalia Josca. They are incredibly beautiful and of very high quality. She hopes to expand her collection further.

All of Luna’s materials are sourced from small local businesses and her newest collection is made from recycled silver, promoting and highlighting the brands emphasis on celebrating and protecting nature. There are currently 4 designs made from recycled silver. Luna has been looking for a supplier since beginning Luna + Pearl but could not find a UK supplier and felt that any overseas company would negate the point of using recycled silver, but now Luna has found a supplier she hopes more of her pieces will be made from recycled silver.

Luna + Pearl packaging is 100% recycled and 5% of all of Luna + Pearl’s profit goes to 1% for the Planet. 1% for the Planet is an organisation that aims to tackle climate though uniting and encouraging global corporations and businesses to do their part for the planet. Luna whole heartedly supports their efforts to build and activate alliances of businesses financially committed to creating a healthier planet.

Luna firmly believes that everyone must do their bit for the planet. It is within companies capabilities to donate at least 1% of their profits to environmental conservations as the collective impact of would be hugely beneficial.

As Luna + Pearl grows, Luna looks forwards to finding more people who love and appreciate her jewellery and hopes to be able to expand even further. She hopes to be able to start donating an extra 5% of her profits to a different charity each month.

To read more about Luna’s chosen charity click here:

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