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Goodhouse London

Ambition for sustainable and ethical design

Meet Lauren, fashion and design graduate and creator and founder of Good House London. During university, Lauren was inspired to become a designer who supports sustainable and ethical practices - with her graduate collection featuring plant based garments and organic fabrics. When working as a fashion designer and garment technologist, it was only a matter of time before Lauren launched her own slow fashion label.

Like so many, being furloughed in lockdown provided Lauren with the opportunity to exercise her creativity by experimenting with new materials she hadn’t got to work with before. She began selling scrunchies from excess fabric on Etsy before launching her own online shop. Making these scrunchies was a great way to use up spare fabric so they didn’t go to waste.

Selling a range of accessories has been a great way for Lauren to test her business and brand without too much risk. Recently, she has been expanding her range by introducing a collection of Bamboo silk bucket hats. Lauren’s new range will include Bamboo silk garments, sold under the GOOD HOUSE name. These will be made from 100% organic vegan silk with plastic free Corozo buttons. Made in London, Lauren’s garments are finished to a high standard, with French seams, pin hems and off cuts being made into her signature Bamboo scrunchies. The bamboo fabric is also biodegradable!

Lauren hopes to spread awareness with her business, by showing customers that fashion can be manufactured sustainably and to a high standard too. Fashion moves so quickly nowadays, and Good House London is a brand for timeless and beautiful design.

Lauren’s favourite moment so far has been developing her first collection and seeing it go from vision to reality - she has just finished the photoshoot and the collection (made in the UK) is now available online!

In the future, Good House London aims to continue championing its message about conscious fashion, leading by example to develop new and eco-friendly ways to produce high quality clothing. Lauren hopes one day to inspire a new generation of young designers and apprentices to adopt her way of ethical and sustainable design.

Count us in!


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