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Big Sister Swap

World’s only online swapping service

Introducing Hudi Charin, founder of Big Sister Swap! Having spent three years studying History of Art at university, Hudi launched her business in her final year as a response to the devastating impact of fast fashion. Quickly, she had a basic website, Instagram account and was set. Now she works with a small team who are helping grow the business.

Big Sister Swap is the only personalised swapping service available, allowing people to send in their unwanted clothes in return for a handpicked pre-loved selection suited to their size and style. The Swapper will use the platform to pay for the online service, where they get to send in their unwanted items and then choose their style preferences for the return swap.

Hudi, like many of us, felt stuck with her range of clothing in her final year at university. She would revamp her wardrobe regularly until she realised the impact that buying new clothing all the time had on the planet. Having read that a truck load of clothing gets dumped into landfill every second, Hudi launched her business overnight to try and get old unwanted clothing into new hands where they will be appreciated and worn again. They now have customers all over the world who share her passion for reusing clothes.

Big Sister Swap was made to make sustainable shopping accessible and affordable for all. By providing 1kg of second hand clothing for only £20, Hudi has provided a solution for those who cannot afford new and expensive sustainable clothing. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of charity clothes get purchased, and so Hudi hopes to help reduce the strain for charity shops as well as donating financial support for them.

Hudi emphasises how her business is serviced based and not another vintage clothing store. They keep clothes in circulation, reducing the amount of new clothing being bought and therefore limiting textile waste. All their packaging is recycled and reused, and all their cardboard is reused numerous times around the office. Hudi leaves no stone unturned!

Hudi’s favourite moment so far has been receiving so many popular reviews, many from Swappers who now feel more comfortable and confident in their clothes as a result of her personal service.

In the future, Hudi hopes that one day Big Sister Swap can become the household name in the world of fashion. They’re working on some exciting new ideas and technology which will make their service more accessible than ever before. I can’t wait to see where they end up!

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