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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

CYDSLINE: a style of line art with a personal touch.

Recent Durham graduate, Cyd Ashbridge is the founder of the new stylish sustainable clothing brand, Cydsline. Established at the beginning of lockdown, the idea started after hand painting a face onto an item of clothing for a friend’s birthday present. Cyd wanted a gift ‘that was different to anything they could buy on the high street’ - an insight of how individuality is lost due to the accessibility of fast fashion. Further encouraged by friends and family, Cyd began to buy clothes from charity shops, hand paint them and promote them on instagram. Thus, Cydsline was born.

Fast forward six months, Cydsline now sells sustainable, unisex clothing hand painted with minimalist line-design.

Cyd is a strong advocate for sustainable fashion, not just the benefits it has towards the planet, but also how sustainable items create a personal touch to each individual. Cydsline aims to be as sustainable as they can, always searching for better ways to achieve this. Cydsline uses 100% organic cotton, second hand crop tops and bandeaus. Further to this, Cydsline uses packaging that is made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, recently introducing seed packets into each parcel, encouraging environmental awareness. Cyd is committed to being as transparent about her brand as possible, always welcoming new ideas to improve her brand.

With the recent release of face mask and scrunchies, Cyd is constantly looking for ways in which Cydsline can grow, with particular focus on ways in which her customers can express their individuality with her unique designs - taking away the habitual consumerism we are so used to.

Cyd is grateful for everyones support during these tricky times and looks forward to where the world will take Cydsline in the future.

To check out more of her stuff click here:

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