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Atelier Jessie

Minimalist Pieces for the Considered Home

Meet Jessie. Canadian designer, brand manager and pottery perfectionist behind the ceramic homeware brand Atelier Jessie.

Meticulously crafted ceramics

Jessie’s business sells small batch, minimalist pieces for the considered home. Each item is handcrafted with the utmost care and meticulous attention to detail. Jessie’s simple ceramic pieces create a neutral palette throughout. As well as crafting clay, Jessie also 'freelances' her designs for architectural firms and agencies across the UK.

Jessie treats pottery as a true meditative process and hopes to reflect moments of stillness and dedication in her pieces.

Having specialised in arts at high school, Jessie found her purpose learning the skills of ceramics, painting and photography. Whilst working as a graphic designer in Montreal, wheel throwing was always Jessie’s way to relax and detox from the computer screen. Now living in London, Jessie has turned to pottery as a way to control her artistic and creative prowess. Jessie’s design ethos embodies simple functionality which fosters moments of calm and joy in everyday life.

Made with purpose

Atelier Jessie is sustainable in several ways. Jessie’s truly unique pieces come as a result of using recycled clay made from a mix of different clay bodies. No clay blend is the same.

In an effort to reduce excess consumerism around the world, Atelier Jessie only produces small-batch collections - each and every piece painstakingly crafted and made with purpose. All their packaging is reused and recycled to reduce waste.

Favourite moment?

Jessie’s favourite moment as a creator so far is hearing how much people love her work - most notably, when people recognise the soft and playful styles which resonate in her pieces. Jessie’s day is made when she receives photos of her designs in people’s homes.

Future ambitions…

As well as collaborating with other makers, Jessie plans to introduce other homeware items such as hand-knit pieces made from recycled fibres. Jessie’s dream is to have a market stall and see her pieces stocked in shops around the UK.

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