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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

EYO (eye-oh): for Everything You Overcome.

Fashion designer, Lucie Halley, originally from South Wales, spent the last 7 years living in New York and Los Angeles working for large fashion corporations before recently moving back to the UK to launch EYO.

Whilst living in New York, Lucie suffered a fall down a fire exit, she broke both her feet, tore all her ligaments, dislocated her toes and broke her knee cap. Left unable to walk for months, Lucie hit the lowest point in her life. Once she was finally just down to using a cane to help her, Lucie joined the gym and begun her long journey to recovery. Her recovery is an on going journey and daily exercise, yoga and meditation have become an essential part of her mental and physical wellbeing. Lucie is very aware that she is not alone on this journey, no matter what the trauma, whether it be a physical accident like hers, childbirth, or are suffering from anxiety, every woman who is working out has a story to tell. EYO is for them.

EYO is a sustainable activewear line designed to empower women on their journey. EYO wants to emphasise that women are not alone, and anything blocking their journey can be overcome. With a minimalist style and luxe high quality Italian materials, EYO empowers woman to take control of their own journey. EYO aims to inspire and support. Their pieces are made from regenerated nylon fabrics known as Econyl, and have added benefits such as compression which boosts recovery and a high UV resistance.

Sustainability is at the forefront of every decision Lucie makes. Having seen first hand how unsustainable the fast fashion industry is, Lucie wants EYO to be as minimally impactful as possible. Every garment is made using regenerated materials such as old fishing nets or plastic bottles, making EYO’s pieces infinitely recyclable. Lucie’s packaging is also biodegradable which further reduces the environmental impact.

With such an emphasis on sustainability, EYO only works with factories with a similar passion. Their factories only work with recycled fabrics, biodegradable packaging and have a strong social ethos. Each worker is paid double minimal wage, and are supplied with free healthcare for themselves, spouse and up to three children. Further to this, each worker is provided with two hot meals a day. The factory also donates monthly to a local charity in Bali that focuses on helping impoverished mums and children and works towards stopping human trafficking.

Lucie’s, favourite moment as a creator was when her graduate collection at Kingston University made it to graduate fashion week and saw her designs on the catwalk for the first time . It was a very emotional moment for Lucie.

With the hope to launch EYO by the end of the year, Lucie looks forward to sharing her creations with the world and hopes to be able to expand and build on a community which will help to empower woman wherever they are and whatever they are going through.

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