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Strange, wonderful, something I will always remember.


The past year has been something of an anomaly. 


Yet anomalies often stand out for a reason. Something remarkable. 


2020 has been a constant flow of bad news and we must sieve through the mess to find rare jewels of hope, comfort and opportunity. 


DISCOVER ETHOS has been one of these. An opportunity to spark change through rejuvenation and curiosity. 


Something remarkable.  


Rightfully so, this time of year encourages quiet moments of reflection and consideration. Instead of feeling angst and dread, I urge you to muster up spirit and optimism wherever you can find it.


The new year may be fraught with uncertainty, yet full of promise that a better future lies ahead. 


We acknowledge we are part of the problem. But strive to be part of the change. 





At DISCOVER ETHOS, we stand by a simple mission of trying to make a difference, one brand at a time. 


Small changes have large impacts. That is a remarkable truth in itself. 


I sincerely hope the new year inspires environmental resolutions and the adoption of small sustainable changes into our lives. 


We are so excited to launch DISCOVER ETHOS alongside other creatives and sustainable trailblazers. Our very own jewel amongst the rough.


We aim to inspire conscious shopping through championing upcoming brands who  care for you and the planet. 


We are no ordinary platform. But one that supports the human brands, with products to stand the trends of time. Learn to live and shop sustainably with no expense to quality or price. 


Something truly remarkable. 


Watching Meet me in St Louis for the first time this Christmas, a wish made by Judy Garland stood out to me:


Something strange. 


Something wonderful. 


Something I will always remember. 


I hope this may resonate with you all this holiday, and inspire you to embrace the new year in search of something remarkable… and sustainable!


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