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How you can help with the sea turtles 

Honu is a UK-based eco-friendly organisation created by Amy and Danny Buck, a couple who love animals and pride themselves on their passion for saving the planet. Their main goal is to protect the sea turtles by donating 10% of their profits to the ‘Sea Turtle Conservancy’ (STC) in Florida. The money is used to prevent the extinction of the turtles and research dedicated to helping the species survive and breed. STC also aims to increase the survival rate of hatchlings throughout the Caribbean and restore the sea turtles' nesting habitat. 10% of profits made from Honu’s sales worldwide go a long way to helping these widely loved animals' conservation. So far, Honu has donated over $41,000 to Florida’s ‘Sea Turtle Conservancy’.


  The name Honu is Hawaiian for the green sea turtles that are spotted around the shallows of the Pacific Islands. 

  Amy and Danny were inspired from an encounter with the stunning species in Hawaii back in 2017. They design and make beautiful bespoke ocean-based jewellery, inspired by sea turtle designs. The packaging and gift wraps are eco-friendly and sustainable, including reusable jewellery bags made from recycled waste with no plastic traces. 



To shop Honu, click here:

Honu is also a proud member of ‘Ecologi’, an organisation that reduces a person’s impact on the environment and climate. Honu’s subscription to ‘Ecologi’ means trees are planted every month on behalf on Honu’s team.

This turtle-loving organisation is one to watch... I have purchased a few items of jewellery, and I’m delighted with them! The packaging is well presented and uses recycled materials, while the objects themselves are stunning and durable. The jewellery comes from a place of love, and by purchasing from Honu, you can do your bit for the turtles whilst supporting a small business.

To support this worthwhile cause, head over to @shophonu on Instagram and follow their journey to help these endangered species avoid extinction. To keep up to date with STC, check out @conserveturtles on Instagram. Both organisations use their platforms to promote ‘Saving the Turtles’ and encourage their followers to support in any way they can, whilst showing the fantastic work that has been done with the money raised so far.

By Tash Houghton

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