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A tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favour of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfilment, and freedom.

There are many 'flavours' of minimalism, here we examine stark minimalism that incorporates industrialist materials.

Minimalism rethought_ New Mediterranean
OD House - Jorge Bibiloni Studio.jpg
Casa Cook Kos | Bohemian Boutique Hotel
INTERIOR TRENDS | The New Minimalist sty
Inside the world of Kanye West’s go-to d

Stark minimalism seeks to explore quality over quanity. 

Coconut | 007 | Life in Colour.jpg

“People used to want a particular look. Now, they want a home tailored to their lives.” - Ilse Crawford, designer.

Georgie Shepherd Interior Designer - The
Love It | Wabi Sabi — Swell Made Co_ | S
Tine K Home | Slow Collection 2019.jpg
A Look Inside The Recently Opened Casa C

Mass-produced is becoming a bit of a dirty phrase. People are beginning to question the long term stability of mass produced products. Handmade or small production items are associated with quality, sustainability, well being and individuality.

"People are looking for retreats and calming spaces in the home, other than the bedroom or bathroom where they can completely disconnect and tune out."

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