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Solutions and problems to current unsustainable habits.


Written by Jaimie McIntosh

Wanting to reduce your footprint this Christmas but not entirely sure how to? Read through the most common problems and some simple solutions to solve them!

Plastic or Real tree? 

Whilst plastic trees are reusable and theoretically last forever, real trees are actually the more sustainable option. Reusing a plastic tree over and over typically makes them less attractive and are so are often dumped in landfills after a couple of years. Due to their plastic content (PVC), plastic trees therefore remain in the landfill forever as they are unable to breakdown. 

The solution?

Buy your REAL Christmas tree with an FSC-certified sticker and after use, look in your local community for Christmas tree drop off locations. They will be either cut down into chips or composted. 

New Year wardrobe clear out? 

Christmas and New Year often comes with the typical social trend of #newyearnewme. Whilst there is nothing wrong with wanting to start the year with new goals and aspirations, the trend can also lead to a huge increase in clothing waste. 

It is estimated that 80,000 tonnes of old clothes will be thrown away this Christmas.

That’s crazy. 

National Geographic estimates that a truck load of fabric is wasted per second during Black Friday. 

Again. Crazy. 

The solution? 

Instead of chucking, look to donate and start the new year with the planet and others in mind. 


Shopping list longer then your arm? 

By the time the ingredients that make up the average British Christmas dinner, they have travelled a combined distance of 49,000 miles according to the Guardian. 

Think of the air miles…. 

The solution? 

Shop locally this season with seasonal vegetables. Reduce your food’s air miles and support local businesses. Also to minimise the amount of plastic food packaging, buy your fruit and vegetables loose. 

Make your Christmas gifts stand out. 

Around 4,000 tonnes of products arrive from China each Christmas. To reduce your footprint, look to buying locally and sustainably. Our Discover Christmas at Ethos catalogue is filled with loads of UK based businesses all with sustainability at the forefront of their brand. Make Christmas a personal occasion with loads of custom made jewellery, clothing and more. 

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